Humble Bundle Intro to Code

ソフトウェアバンドルになるが、珍しいオンラインコースのバンドル。これ一本で、プログラミングが学べるらしい。ZENVA Academyというサイトの講座みたいです。

「すでにこのアカウントが登録されています」と出てきたので、こんなサイト利用したかな?と思ったら以前のUnity BundleのDiscover Unity Game Development – From Zero to 12 Gamesで登録していたらしい。全く利用していなかったので、改めて利用してみよう。

ZENVA Academy って何?





Learn Python Programming by Making a Game
Intro to Game Development
Numpy Matrices and Vectors
Learn HTML and CSS by creating a Responsive Company Website
The Complete Responsive Web Design Course


VR Projects – Flying Platform Experience
Create a Road Crossing Game with Phaser 3
Create a Spanish Teaching Game with Phaser 3
Learn Angular by Creating a Web Application
Blender for Beginners – Craft Low-Poly Game Assets
Create Your First 3D Game
JavaScript Programming – Learn by Making a Mobile Game
Beginning SQL – Store and Query Your Data


Procedural Content Generation with Unity
VR Projects – 360 Photo Experience
Build a Virtual Pet Game with Phaser 3
Python Image Processing – Make Instagram-Style Filters
Create a Raspberry Pi Smart Security Camera
The Complete Artificial Neural Network Course
RPG Game Development – Turn-Based Battle Systems
Audio Effects and Soundtracks in Unity Games
Data Manipulation with Pandas
The Complete Guide to Bootstrap 4
Discover jQuery – Create Interactive Websites
Create an RPG Town with NPCs and Dialogs




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