Humble Fight for Racial Justice Bundle

セールセール ゲーム

Humble Fight for Racial Justice Bundle (2020/06/23 3:00)。黒人に対する人権や支援活動に対するバンドルです。


  • Attack on Titan Anthology
  • Ghost in the Shell: Global Neural Network
  • Shaft: A Complicated Man
  • Black History in Its Own Words
  • Prince of Cats
  • Bitter Root Vol. 1
  • The Man Who Cried I Am
  • Twelve Years A Slave
  • Black Women in Science: A Black History Book for Kids
  • Starfinder Core Rulebook
  • RESIST!: Tales From a Future Worth Fighting Against
  • Falling In Love With Hominids
  • Yo, Miss: A Graphic Look at High School
  • Six Days in Cincinnati
  • Decolonizing Wealth
  • Decolonizing Wealth
  • The Book of Awesome Black Americans
  • Unsung America
  • Seven Sisters and a Brother
  • The Lessons of Ubuntu: How an African Philosophy Can Inspire Racial Healing in America
  • The Power of Protest: A Visual History of the Moments That Changed the World
  • Feed The Resistance: Recipes + Ideas for Getting Involved
  • We Are the Change: Words of Inspiration from Civil Rights Leaders
  • The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy
  • The Rust Programming Language