Humble Book Bundle: Data Science Essentials by Taylor & Francis

セールセール その他

Humble Book Bundle: Data Science Essentials by Taylor & Francis(2020/07/27 3:00)。データサイエンス本。使い道はなさそうですし、理解するのも大変そう。


  • R Primer
  • Big Data Management and Processing
  • Text Mining and Visualization
  • Frontiers in Data Science
  • Feature Engineering for Machine Learning and Data Analytics
  • Spectral Feature Selection for Data Mining


  • Bayesian Programming
  • Statistical Computing in C++ and R
  • Analyzing Health Data in R for SAS Users
  • The Essentials of Data Science
  • Data Classification
  • High Performance Computing for Big Data: Methodologies and Applications
  • Big Data in Complex and Social Networks
  • Testing R Code


  • Implementing Reproducible Research
  • Introduction to High-Dimensional Statistics
  • Data Clustering in C++
  • R Student Companion
  • Displaying Time Series, Spatial And Space-Time Data with R 2e
  • Data Analysis for the Life Sciences with R
  • Data Clustering
  • Healthcare Data Analytics
  • Data Science Foundations: Geometry