Humble Book Bundle: Raspberry Pi Press Gaming

セールセール その他

Humble Book Bundle: Raspberry Pi Press Gaming(2020/10/05 3:00)。Raspberry Piの特集本みたいです。


  • Make Games with Python
  • Conquered: How indie games dominated the decade: Wireframe #30
  • System Shock: Nightdive’s remake goes through the Looking Glass: Wireframe #31
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Gaming’s most gorgeous platformer returns: Wireframe #32
  • The Best Upgrades for Less Than $130: Custom PC #194
  • Mini Marvels: Build a Tiny 12-Core Gaming PC Without Sacrificing Speed: Custom PC #195
  • PC Building Masterclass: Full Step-By-Step Guide: Custom PC #196
  • All the Cores: Custom PC #197


  • 15% Off Selected Subscriptions
  • Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi
  • Shovel Knight Dig: Yacht Club’s armored hero goes rogue: Wireframe #33
  • Infinity War: Epic space battles, grand strategy, and ruthless betrayals in Starborne: Wireframe #34
  • Double Strike: Young Souls: The brawler with attitude to spare: Wireframe #35
  • Hounded Out: Two canine heads are better than one in PHOGS!: Wireframe #36
  • Step-By-Step Guide: Build a 24 Core Titan: Custom PC #198
  • Graphics Cards: Give Your PC a Gaming Turbo Boost: Custom PC #199
  • CPU Clash: Custom PC #200
  • Build a PS993 (~$1,288) Gaming PC: Custom PC #201


  • 20% off anything in the Raspberry Pi Press store
  • Code the Classics: Volume 1
  • Build Your Own First-Person Shooter in Unity
  • Liberated: Unmasking Atomic Wolf’s dystopian action adventure: Wireframe #37
  • Masterplan: Create robots and just about anything else in Main Assembly: Wireframe #38
  • Hotshot Racing: Fast. Furious. Recapturing the nineties Daytona rush: Wireframe #39
  • Everspace 2: Rockfish Games on its open-world battle beyond the stars: Wireframe #40
  • Endling: Adventuring back from the brink of extinction: Wireframe #41
  • How to Overclock: Custom PC #202
  • Fastest Gaming CPU Ever: Custom PC #203
  • Build a PS699 (~$904) Gaming PC: Custom PC #204
  • Build Your Dream PC: Custom PC #205