XBOX GAME PASS、新規追加のタイトル


11月のGamePassタイトル。最近はXBOX GAME PASSのタイトルを遊ぶだけで十分なレベルでタイトルの質が高いですね。


The Legend of Tianding (Cloud, Console, and PC)

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – The Complete Season (PC)

The Walking Dead: Michonne – The Complete Season (PC)


Ghost Song (Cloud, Console, and PC) – November 3

Football Manager 2023 (PC) – November 8

Football Manager 2023 Console (Cloud, Console, and PC) – November 8

Return to Monkey Island (Cloud, Console, and PC) – November 8

Vampire Survivors (Console) – November 10

Pentiment (Cloud, Console, and PC) – November 15

Somerville (Console and PC) – November 15

DLC / Game Updates

Sniper Elite 5: Up Close & Personal Pack and Free Map – Available now

Sea of Thieves: Return of the Damned – November 3 to November 17

Halo Infinite: Winter Update – November 8

Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition – November 11

Leaving Soon